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Four in February

Heard of “Four in February“? Basic idea seems to be to take four games that are in your backlog and actually spend a month playing through them.

(It’s also on Steam.)

Rowan Kaiser‘s doing it: he’s doing Cave Story+, Septerra Core, Alpha Protocol and Mark of the Ninja. Not sure where, probably on Joystiq, but I’m looking forward to following his travails. I kinda like like the idea too, so I’m going to do it myself. Thing is, I can’t do anything terribly system-demanding, nor can I do console stuff. Long story. But regardless:

First, I’ll do the AGD Interactive remake of Quest for Glory 2, since I’ve been curious to see how faithful they are to the source material, and the original version is one of my all-time favorite games.

Second, I’m going to do Christine Love’s “don’t take it personally babe, it’s just not your story”. Just a wee little visual novel, sure, but that’s my speed right now, and I REALLY enjoyed both Digital and Analogue.

Third, I’m going to follow Rowan’s lead and do Cave Story+. Why? Why not? It’s in the pile, and I’ve heard it lauded hither and thither forever. No reason not to.

Fourth…well, it depends. I’m probably going to follow Rowan’s lead again and do Septerra Core. I MIGHT do something else, though, since an RPG is a pretty heavy investment of time. I’m possibly leaning towards finally finishing Uplink, since that’s one I’ve started more times than I can count. We’ll see.

I’ll use this space to let people know how it goes.

(And, yes, I plan to get back to the Elder Scrolls thing just as soon as I can. I’ve got MULTIPLE scores to settle in Morrowind. I ain’t forgotten ’em.)

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