Microsoft Blinks

And how. After the drubbing by Sony and the entire media over their even-worse-than-I-had-anticipated DRM policies, they turned around and said “okay, fine, whatever you say, just stop hitting us.”

So, oddly enough, I ended up being right. Microsoft can learn. It’s just that they have to take the absolute worst kind of drubbing, the absolute nastiest sort of backlash, before they’re willing to do it.

It doesn’t mean that the Xbox One is bereft of problems now. The exclusives don’t really grab me, their attitude towards indie devs is baffling, the always-connected Kinect thing is still vaguely creepy, “TV” thing is a joke just waiting to be told, their choices on system memory could come back to haunt them, and the price is still too damned high, largely due to the aforementioned Kinect. But at least it’s now something that someone could plausibly want. 

(Though, as Jim Sterling ably points out, if they changed their mind once, they could always change it again…)

If nothing else, it’s a welcome rejoinder to all those smug asshats who call themselves “journalists”, “analysts” and “enthusiast press” that continue to jabber and bloviate about how the “vocal minority” are unrepresentative of the broader whole. That was bullshit and IS bullshit. They may not be 100% representative, but they’re closer to the truth than you’d like to admit. Maybe they aren’t where you are, with your sympathetic ear towards the publishers moaning about production costs and resale “theft”…but maybe you are the one who isn’t representative.

It’s also a victory for user’s rights. Huzzah. We’ve needed a few of those.

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