Memo to Vaguely-Creepy 1UP Article Writer:

No matter how graphically accurate Call of Duty or Medal of Honor or What of Ever gets, Neal Ronaghan, you aren’t “killing human beings” in the game.

You’re interacting with virtual, synthetic simulacra. They’re subroutines, wrapped in a multitude of tiny triangles. That’s it. That’s all they are. They aren’t even SMART subroutines.

They aren’t people. They never have been. They never will be. Barring a revolution in strong AI, they’ll never even be close. One of the reasons why you’ve managed to keep your head despite playing these types of games for as long as you have is because you’re supposed to understand the damned difference.

If you don’t? Um, you’ve got way bigger problems than game violence. And so do the rest of us, because you’ve now officially wandered into useful-idiot territory by making the game-blamers’ arguments for them.

(By the by, since when does declaring your “layer of hypocrisy” somehow immunizes you from said hypocrisy? Yes, you’re being hypocritical in presuming that this level of graphical development is somehow beyond the pale whereas previous ones were supposedly fine.)

Very, very disappointed. Even if this is just clickbait, it’s the worst possible clickbait at the worst possible time. It threatens, again, to distract everybody from searching out the real means of ending REAL spree violence against REAL human beings by leading the body politic down a blind alley.

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